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Polaroid Amigo 620

Polaroid Amigo 620

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Easy to use, land camera features a sliding close-up filter, exposure adjustment, and a built-in neck strap. This Polaroid makes a statement when it's open, it's the perfect choice for travel as it folds down to a smaller compact size. The Amigo has one of the most unique color schemes and designs of any Polaroid 600 camera ever made.

Without an attached flash, the Amigo should be used exclusively as an outdoor camera during sunny days.


Cosmetic condition 4.5/5

Ideal For

Everyday use

Features and Benefits 

Sturdy and easy to use, create instant images without the need to develop film at your local photo lab.


  • Film 600 readily available
  • Instant prints
  • Lens: Fixed Focus, 110mm f/10mm lens
  • Focus 2’ - 4, 4’ - infinity
  • Exposure Control - Automatic
  • Aperture Shutter Release System - Electronic, Automatic shutter speeds of ⅓ to 1/2000th second
  • Red Shutter button (pressed halfway, it charges the flash, pressed all the way it takes the picture
  • Built-in adjustable neck strap
  • Picture counter

Battery: Built-into film cartridge; Each film pack contains a built-in battery to power both the camera and flash

  • Colour: Tan
  • Film: Polaroid Instant 600 
  • Manufactured by Polaroid in 1982


Sample photos



This camera has been mechanically tested and cleaned, our cameras are in perfect working order, to ensure you're equipped and ready to go out and point and shoot. 


How To:

Each pack of instant film contains a built-in, single use battery to power both the camera and flash. Polaroid's original built-in flash system was designed to be used indoors and outdoors. This system allows for smart energy use and quick recharge times at less than a second.

When you load film into the camera, press the shutter halfway down, take a picture, or open the camera. For best results your subject should be 4-10 feet away and near a light coloured background.

When you purchase your film you're also receiving all of the chemicals needed to process your Polaroid photo. However, rather than taking your film to be processed at your local photo lab manually - Your Polaroid film has been engineered to develop automatically within a matter of minutes!

All you need to do is shoot, then keep the photo in a dark place where your Polaroid can sit in a still setting until it has been developed. Once you’ve let the photo sit for about 5-15 minutes you've created your instant image. 


Camera does not come with Polaroid film


Storage and Care: Store your camera in a cool dry place. Do not store in any location that can get excessively hot. We recommend finishing a pack of film within 2 weeks for best results and no longer than 1 month



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