How Are Your Camera's Tested?

We ensure that all products are thoroughly tested and cleaned before these are available for purchase. All of our cameras go through a list of testing procedures as part of our Quality Control process, to ensure that our products are in perfect working condition.
This includes mechanical tests to ensure that that all components of the camera are working correctly. Our highly sort-after models go through additional film testing to ensure sample shots taken are of high quality.
During the testing process, this gives us the ability to diagnose and make minor repairs and restorations of our products.

Some of the things we test for include:

  • Shutter movements
  • Film load, advancement and reload
  • Flash firing modes
  • Electronic features and modes work well
  • Battery chamber
  • Light leaks
  • Fungus and Mold
  • Cosmetic conditions

How do you manage the Quality Control of products?

All of our products go through our quality control process, which includes checking the mechanical, and cosmetic conditions of every item.

Any minor physical imperfections on any of our products are noted in the product description for reference. Please make sure to read these listed under "Condition" prior to purchasing our products.