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Outdoor Do 35mm Reusable

Outdoor Do 35mm Reusable

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This compact and lightweight reusable is perfect for the first time film user. It features a transparent purple camera body which means you can physically see the mechanisms of your point and shoot move freely each time you advance your film to the next shot.

No bells and whistles, this is a basic reusable camera. If you want to begin shooting film this is the camera for you, or perhaps you just love the 90s aesthetic. Either way this little camera is as simple as it gets.

Day-time shooting only (no flash)


Cosmetic condition 4.5/5

Ideal For 

Beginners, perfect for festivals and everyday use.

Features: Focus Free, Fixed Focus Lens, Manual Film Load, Rewind and Advance, Film Counter, Slide Lens Cover, Transparent purple and yellow accents, no need for batteries - just load your 35mm film of choice and point and shoot.

  • Power Supply: N/A
  • Weight: 200g

Comes with

  • Original yellow wrist strap


This camera has been mechanically tested and cleaned by our team, it is in perfect working order, to ensure you're equipped and ready to go out and point and shoot. 


Storage and Care

Store your camera in a cool dry place. Do not store in any location that can get excessively hot.


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