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Sony DCR-TRV330E Handycam Kit

Sony DCR-TRV330E Handycam Kit

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The Sony DCR-TRV330E is an easy to use Digital 8 Camcorder. Achieve that low-fi aesthetic with the power zoom lens. Digital 8 utilises the digital video format, but records onto Hi-8 tapes, and can play your old Hi-8 and 8mm movies. The Camcorder features Sony's Night Shot system, and provides an assortment of special effects and faders. This kit comes with everything you need to begin recording and charging your equipment for long term use.

Media Type/Recording Format:  Hi-8 Tape/Cassette 


Cosmetic condition 4.5/5

Features and Benefits 

Create a nostalgia vintage look with this easy to use  Camcorder. A economical alternative to analogue photography.

Main Features: Taking movies or still images, and playing them back


  • System - Video Recording System
  • Audio Recording System
  • Recommended Cassette - Hi-8/Digital8 Video Cassette
  • Viewfinder - Electrical Viewfinder 
  • Lens - Combined Power Power Zoom Lens 25x (Optical), 700x (Digital)
  • Focal Length 2.4 - 60 mm 
  • Aperture - f/1.6 - 2.7
  • Filter Diameter - 37mm
  • Colour Temperature - Auto 

Recording - Basics

  • Back Light
  • Night Shot/Super Night Shot
  • Self-timer recording
  • Playback
  • Screen - Adjustable LCD

Advanced Recording Operations

  • Program AE Function
  • Auto Exposure
  • Manual Exposure
  • Manual Focus
  • Date & Time Setting
  • Flash Mode
  • Wide Mode
  • Fader Function
  • Special Effects - Picture Effect: Neg Art, Sepia, B&W, Solarize, Slim, Stretch, Pastel & Mosaic
  • Superimposing a title & create your own title 

Special Effects

  • Still
  • Flash (Flash Motion)
  • Lumi (Luminance Key)
  • Trial
  • Slow Shutter
  • Old Movie

Fade Options

  • Fade to Black
  • Mosaic
  • Overlap
  • Wipe
  • Monotone
  • Bounce
  • Random Dot

Program AE Function

  • Spotlight
  • Self-Portrait
  • Sports Lesson
  • Beach & Ski
  • Sunset & Moon
  • Landscape
  • Low Lux 
  • Memory Stick Capable 
  • Dimensions: 85 x 102 x 205.5 mm
  • Weight: 861 gm
  • Released in 2006

Kit Comes With:

  • Hi-8 Tape 
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Handheld Camera Strap
  • Lens Cap
  • AC Power Adapter (Charging Cable)
  • Battery Pack



Questions & Answers


Charging the Battery Pack

  • Be sure to charge the battery pack prior to shooting

Effective Usage of Battery Pack

  • Effective pack performance decreases in low temperature surroundings. 
  • We recommend the following to use the battery pack - put the battery pack in a pocket to warm it up, insert it into your Camcorder immediately before starting it up
  • Turn the POWER switch OFF (CHG) when not taking shots or playing back on your Camcorder. The battery pack is also consumed when your Camcorder is in the standby mode or when playback is paused.
  • Do not expose the battery pack to water

Battery Life

  • The battery life is limited. Battery capacity drops little by little as you use it more, as time passes.

This Digital Video Camera has been mechanically tested and cleaned by our team, it is in perfect working order, to ensure you're equipped and ready to go out and capture memories.

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