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Vivitar Focus Free

Vivitar Focus Free

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An easy to use and reusable point and shoot camera perfect for beginners. Equipped with a fixed focus lens which means all you need to do is point and shoot. Working very similarly to a disposable camera this one is great for those wanting something similar but with the benefits of being completely reusable. Best for shooting outdoors as this camera has no flash.


4.5/5 cosmetic condition

Ideal For 

Beginners, perfect for travel and everyday use.

Features and Benefits 

The ideal choice for a beginner, the perfect addition to those just starting out with film photography.


  • Lens 28mm
  • Focus - Fixed
  • Flash - n/a
  • Shooting distance 0.6m (2ft) - infinity
  • Shutter: Fixed 1/100 sec
  • Film Winding - manual advance with manual rewind 
  • Power Source: x 2 AA batteries
  • Weight:  150 g
  • Manufactured by Vivitar in the 1990s


Comes With

  • Wrist Strap


Sample Images 


This camera has been mechanically tested and cleaned by our team, it is in perfect working order, to ensure you're equipped and ready to go out and point and shoot.


Storage and Care

Store your camera in a cool dry place. Do not store in any location that can get excessively hot.

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